“You will not have a successful life surrounded by negative people”

This was said by one of the world’s best-selling authors and real estate mogul, Grant Cardone. But this quote is incomplete without knowing this, “you cannot have a successful and fulfilled life if you have a negative mind”. Negativity breeds small minds and small minds destroy great business ideas before they begin.

As a luxury realtor, picking up the phone to pitch to a potential client or meeting up with the perfect individual for your property may seem easy. But without the RIGHT attitude, you will lose that client as a potential buyer and a friend.

Research by Oxford Business School shows that happy workers are 13% productive. Professor De Neve said, “We found that when workers are happier, they work faster by making more calls per hour worked and, importantly, convert more calls to sales.” This goes to show the power of a positive mind and the best attitude.

This brings us to the next question. 

What are the attitudes every luxury real estate agent must never have?

#1. The Lukewarm attitude

Be a ruthless marketer and promoter

Let’s play a little game. 

Go to all your social media handles and ask 10 of your friends about your job. Ask them if they know what you do, and record their answers.

Now, that you’ve done this, give yourself a rating based on how many of your friends could give you the correct answer.

The lukewarm attitude is one of the most dangerous attitudes to have as a realtor. When you don’t have a stand on how you advertise your products can put a big dent in your success as a luxury realtor. Be a ruthless marketer, let everyone around you, your friends, new contacts, and prospects know that you are a real estate agent and the best one in the game. Staying on the sidelines and expecting people to automatically know what you do or waiting for them to ask you is a guaranteed path to failure.

#2 The Small Mind

“Baby steps are for babies, not brands. Be Amazing or be Surpassed”. – Lee Clow

You are trying to build a brand and this comes with lots of ideas and innovations. But just as you get new ideas to sell more properties or connect more with people, don’t be surprised if you see other real estate agents coming up with the same ideas and just like the quote says if you don’t take big steps and large actions, you would not get to where you want to be at your desired time. Be a risk-taker and be ready for failures but be ready for accomplishments.

#3. The Give-up Attitude

Nothing good ever comes easy and the sooner you get accustomed to failing multiple times, the better for your personal growth development. As a luxury realtor, you will meet new people, and get rejected by different leads, sometimes it might take months before you make a sale. But if you think giving up is going to be any better for you, then be prepared for a life of fulfillment. 

What makes you different from other brands is your resilience and consistent work you put into succeeding no matter the hurdles you have to cross to get to your desired life.

Conclusion: There is no right way to become a successful realtor but there are vices that we still need to be careful of. Building a brand is no easy feat, but building it on the right culture, attitude and team, you will grow beyond your imagination.

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