So, you want to work with high-net-worth clients, and learn how to become a luxury real estate agent—but you don’t know how to break into the world of luxury real estate? Maybe you’ve tried to talk to some major clientele but you didn’t get any responses. You probably feel like you are invisible to this clientele. That’s because you are invisible to them.

Here are 5 of my tried-and-tested methods;

1. Adopt a Fancy Hobby

The best way to meet high-net-worth clients is by doing something they enjoy doing in their free time. This can be as easy as joining your local antique car group, attending a few fine art shows or wine tastings, or finding a local polo club.

While buying a horse or an expensive car might not be feasible for you, you can always find other ways to be an enthusiast. For example, you may not be able to afford a Ferrari, but you can certainly educate yourself on the company’s history and attend meetups and car shows to show off your knowledge

In order to meet or converse freely with a high net worth individual, you must be able to find a common ground and build a relationship from there. It’s like a blockchain, you know one person and you meet another through him or her until you get in their circle.

2. Make Luxury Your Personal Brand

A key step to breaking into the luxury market is to make sure all your marketing materials, including your business cards, website, advertising, and social media look both cohesive and sophisticated. 

Attract the attention of high-end homebuyers by showing them the best of the luxury lifestyle in your farm area. Marketing the luxury lifestyle is easier than ever before with social media as the perfect place to “fake it until you make it.” It won’t cost you a lot of money to feature and discuss high-end restaurants, gallery openings, or golf tournaments on your social media accounts. 

3. Get Involved With Charities & Causes

Generally speaking, high-income people enjoy supporting causes, attending charity events and auctions, volunteering, and fundraising. Start with a cause that means something to you. Your relationships and opportunities will develop naturally when your dedication to the cause shines through. From there, you can build a network that will lead to new opportunities.

Again, this is a strategy that really requires authenticity and sincerity. Don’t fake it, or else people would see right through you.

4. Every Detail Matters

When you’re showing a luxury property, you need to be ready to point out the luxury finishes and the value, from the big obvious indoor basketball court to the tiniest cutting-edge audio speaker. 

If, for example, you are trying to sell a luxurious yacht or boat, you must know your boat lifts and dock permits, from the floorboards to the carefully crafted door handles. If someone is going to pay a premium for luxury property features, you need to become the luxury agent who knows what they are and why (or if) they’re worth it. 

5. Be the Solution they need.

Remember, you’re not just a real estate agent, you are a luxury real estate agent, and you offer more profound knowledge and broader expertise.  

Think of one (and only one) problem that a luxury client may have that you can solve. You can then position yourself as the one person in your market who solves this problem for affluent clients.

You can also write a positioning statement on your profiles or when you introduce yourself to a client. For example, “I help high-income individuals create, acquire, and manage a diverse property portfolio.”

Conclusion: Hitting the market as a luxury realtor may seem hard but to be honest, you just need to be intentional and lay down strategic plans that would guide you on a daily basis. But know this, The more contacts you have, the more contracts you’re gonna get. You have to get out there and be prepared for anything.

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